Bold, contemporary living

The Nine Studio blends the clean lines of modern and contemporary design with a touch of razzle dazzle. we focus on Simplicity and timeless design while adding a layer of uniqueness that adds character to the home.

our mission is to create thoughtful and beautiful spaces that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while delivering a design that is both timeless and a reflection of their authentic selves. Bold, contemporary living is a combination of neutral base tones and bold, visual contrast.


Smart Design

Specializing primarily in residential design and renovations, The Nine Studio begins each project with a fully collaborative and tech forward approach.

We take a thoughtful approach to each client and design every space with integrity: creating a cohesive mix of natural materials and bold textures and patterns.

with the use of bim (Building Information modeling) and 3d renderings we are able to help our clients visualize their homes take on a new life before any work is done. BIM allows us to ensure that our work is accurate and consistent, while alleviating stress and minimizing surprises. We pride ourselves on a cohesive end product that the client is not only proud of but prepared for.



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